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Karvy E-Connect online transaction for Non Individual Investors

Introduction to the facility

Ease of carrying out transactions, tracking of funds & payment status and detailed transaction reports are facilities offered by mutual funds to retail clients. While the non-individual entities still depend on the physical mode of carrying out transactions, to offer ease of convenience, the same facilities could be extended to the institutional clients too. These facilities could not only help ease the investment decisions taken by a non-individual entity but also help them in monitoring and tracking their investments.

  1. What is being offered?
  2. A safe platform for companies, HUFs, Association of Persons, Individual bodies and other firms to access all their mutual fund schemes of Canara Robeco. With Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd., corporates can access and manage their investments in Mutual Funds serviced by Karvy.

  3. Benefits of the offerings
  4. The platform will provide the Non Individual users with a host of facilities as mentioned below

    • Make fresh investments in Mutual Fund Schemes
    • Options of investments to be made from existing portfolio or new schemes
    • One Click Transaction with latest NAVs for all available schemes
    • Make Payments for new purchases
    • Tracking of funds / Status of fund transfer
    • Option to redeem or switch units
    • Detailed transaction view with the impact on the portfolio, units affected, NAV

  5. Steps to take for being able to see the offered thing
  6. In order to use this facility, Non Individual Clients will have to:

  7. Click on the Proceed button where you will be taken to the Karvy E-Connect page
  8. Sign up using your Company PAN and Email Address.
  9. Upload a scanned copy of ASL / BR and start accessing your account once the account is active.